I’m tired.

28 Feb

I switched rooms with my little brother today. Boy do I have a lot of junk! It was an all day affair, but I finally have everything put away. Just in time to go to sleep. Woo hoo!

I mixed up a batch of crepe batter today, and yesterday I made some amazing Lemon Ricotta Cookies. But instead of uploading my pictures, and preparing a post, you know what I did? I ate Mexican food. I had some delicious guacamole. I think it’s a crime to go to a Mexican restaurant and not get any guacamole. And I had mole enchiladas. Mole sauce takes a little getting used to, if you’ve not had it before. But like in the chocolate chipotle chili, that savory chocolate adds dimension to the dish. I highly recommend it.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there’s not going to be a post of my current culinary creations. I’m going to have some leftover Mexican food, and then I’m going to pass out in my new room. Until tomorrow!


One Response to “I’m tired.”

  1. Beth March 1, 2010 at 8:08 am #

    Savory chocolate. Almost a conradicton in terms, isn’t it? Sooo good though.
    I’d love to see a little experimentation along those lines!

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