My Potatoes Terrify Me

12 Jun

I decided I had a hankering for potatoes tonight. And I have a recipe for potato and cheese pierogies that I have been wanting to try out. Perfect! Unfortunately, when I pulled out my potatoes, I was confronted with this:

AAAAAHHHHH lksdhg;oiweha!

Look at those!!! The “eyes” of the potatoes have developed claws!! You can’t look at that and tell me aliens don’t exist. They do and they live in my potato drawer. And I’m never going to sleep again.

That one is the center looks pretty nondescript, doesn’t it? Wrong! It had a big dark spot of mold on the other side. Generous person that I am, I spared you that sight. And the fuziness of this picture? Not due completely to my poor photographing skills. Let that one sink in, will you? Mmm, appetizing.

Hi, I'm a potato and I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR BRAINS.

Yes, I touched that thing, so I could get a better picture of it. The things I do for you guys.


I think I’m going to make cupcakes or something instead. Provided the rest of the ingredients in my kitchen haven’t sprouted ridiculous appendages. And I’m going to tape my eyes open tonight. I’m not entirely sure these potatoes won’t crawl out of the trash and come for me in my sleep.

*Note, I know potatoes grow those eyes when they’ve been chilling in your kitchen for a while. Not a big deal. I’ve dealt with that before. These guys? A totally different ball game. Plus the mold. Don’t forget that.


One Response to “My Potatoes Terrify Me”

  1. Beth June 13, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Ha! It worked. Never again will it be a choice between making dinner and DESSERT!

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