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20 Feb

I was browsing cookie cutters online, as I am wont to do on a Saturday night, when I decided I need a GOP elephant cookie cutter. Only problem, they’re slightly tricky to track down. I mean, there are regular elephants galore, but GOP elephants? It takes a special cookie cutter company to make them. I’ve found some versions, but they’re facing the wrong way. How are you going to tell me it’s a Republican elephant when it’s facing to the left? Sorry folks, but that’s a GOP elephant who defected. And that’s a GOP elephant I don’t want. And then I found a college (Cornell, for those who were curious) who has a GOP elephant cookie cutter in their “collections.” It’s catalogued and everything. Why? What’s it for? Is it in the library to be checked out by culinary Cornell students? Or is it off-limits and you’re only allowed to look at it? What a horrible fate for a cookie cutter.

I finally found one that’s facing the correct direction (which would be to the right). But seriously, cookie cutter companies? You fail. How hard is it to google a picture of this nationally recognized symbol to make sure you get it right? Huh?

And Cornell? WTF?

See? To the RIGHT!

By the way, did you ever notice the stars are upside down? I didn’t, until I got embroiled in this debacle. (Ha! I love big words.) The democrat donkey gets four stars, and they’re right-side up. What gives?