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Life, Baking, and Blog Update

15 Aug

So.. life has been pretty good recently. I just got hired full time at the place I’ve been working since March!! I really like the office and the people, so I’m really happy it worked out. PLUS the dress code is scrubs, which are so much cheaper than typical office appropriate clothing. And they’re way more comfortable too. It also means that I could get rid of those black pants and collared shirts I was holding onto just in case the full time job I landed required that clothing. Now I have a full time job and an emptier closet. Just the way I like things.

And I’ve started to sell my desserts!! That’s HUGELY exciting! This weekend, I’m working on an order of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and order of sugar cookies for a little girl’s birthday, and some chocolate chip cookies to thank a friend for her help. Last week, I made and gift wrapped 3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies. They were beautiful. I’m still working on pricing though. I’ve already been told my prices are too low, and they really are, but I don’t want to price my desserts too high and have no one buy them. You know. It’s a balancing act, and I’m still working on it.

3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies. Sent to a dentist's office...

So, now that I have work during the week and lots of baking during the weekend, my blog has been suffering (as you’ve no doubt noticed). I will try to have posts scheduled  to show up periodically, as I definitely have a lot of pictures and goodies that I’ve been making. It’s not for a lack of material that I haven’t been posting. So I’ll see what I can do. Although, in reality, the people who read this are my friends and family, and they already intimately know what I’ve been whipping up in my kitchen. I’m pretty generous with the samples. The point of this is that if I haven’t been posting a lot, you should probably stop by and see what I’ve been cooking. You might leave with arms full of cookies or cake. Or even apple pie. I made that yesterday. And it was delicious.


My Potatoes Terrify Me

12 Jun

I decided I had a hankering for potatoes tonight. And I have a recipe for potato and cheese pierogies that I have been wanting to try out. Perfect! Unfortunately, when I pulled out my potatoes, I was confronted with this:

AAAAAHHHHH lksdhg;oiweha!

Look at those!!! The “eyes” of the potatoes have developed claws!! You can’t look at that and tell me aliens don’t exist. They do and they live in my potato drawer. And I’m never going to sleep again.

That one is the center looks pretty nondescript, doesn’t it? Wrong! It had a big dark spot of mold on the other side. Generous person that I am, I spared you that sight. And the fuziness of this picture? Not due completely to my poor photographing skills. Let that one sink in, will you? Mmm, appetizing.

Hi, I'm a potato and I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR BRAINS.

Yes, I touched that thing, so I could get a better picture of it. The things I do for you guys.


I think I’m going to make cupcakes or something instead. Provided the rest of the ingredients in my kitchen haven’t sprouted ridiculous appendages. And I’m going to tape my eyes open tonight. I’m not entirely sure these potatoes won’t crawl out of the trash and come for me in my sleep.

*Note, I know potatoes grow those eyes when they’ve been chilling in your kitchen for a while. Not a big deal. I’ve dealt with that before. These guys? A totally different ball game. Plus the mold. Don’t forget that.

I’m a horrible person

16 Mar

I’ve been sporadically updating and promising you pictures that may or may not make it into a post. Am I writing to apologize and change my tune? Not exactly… This is a heads up that I have friends coming in to spend a few days with me. Though I will probably continue cooking while they’re here, and though I have made a TON of stuff over the weekend, I will not be posting until Tuesday, at the earliest. But then I will be back and posting regularly! I just am not going to be rude to my guests in order to maintain an arbitrary schedule. Priorities, you know? See you all on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day! Or, as my family likes to call it, Corned Beef and Cabbage Day!

The Blowtorch of Doom

14 Mar

I know you guys. I know you’re holding your breath, waiting eagerly for an update on the performance of the blowtorch. “Did you burn anything down?!” “How many casualties were there?” “Was it AWESOME?!”

Alas, the answers are “No, none, and no.” The blowtorch wouldn’t work. Now, it could have been user error. However, it was my mom operating the thing (I admit it: I was scared) so I doubt that’s it. She’s a smart cookie. We got the torch lit, but when she went to caramelize the tops of the custard, it emitted a large fireball and went out. So we had a couple of close calls, a frightened cat, and broiled creme brulee. Disappointing, to say the least. Now the question is, do I keep broiling these creme brulees or do I invest in a kitchen torch, which is more expensive and less heavy-duty? I’m still up in the air about that.

The creme brulee was delicious, nonetheless.

Busy, busy, busy

13 Mar

I’m taking a few classes at the community college (Painting and Spanish. Woo hoo!) and have a part-time job that keeps my busy. But that’s not what I’m referring to in the title of this post. No, shockingly enough for a food blogger, I’ve been kept busy with cooking and baking! (That was sarcasm, folks. I know it doesn’t always come across well on the internet, but it was.)

What have I been up to, you ask?

On Thursday, I made marshmallows. They are pink and just the cutest things you have ever seen! They also taste pretty strongly of honey. I’m not the biggest fan, so I’m going to try again. But they were astonishingly easy to make. I was fascinated by the gelatin. What a weird substance. It was gel-like (perhaps obvious, since it is gelatin), and kind of springy and just strange.

Today (Saturday), I made orange-basil creme brulee. It’s for dessert, so I can’t give a verdict on it yet, but I’m pretty excited. My Flavor Bible tells me that orange+basil+sugar=great combination! I’m also cooking a meatloaf that is smelling pretty good. After dinner, I’ll mix up some of my famous chocolate chip cookies. My little brother calls them “Ecstasy Cookies,” ecstasy in this case meaning “rapturous delight” and not “hallucinogenic drug.”

And tomorrow I’m going to be making soft pretzels, from scratch, and another batch of marshmallows. They’re going to be green this time. And maybe I’ll mix up some sugar cookie batter.

Plus, I’ve also been having cravings for cupcakes. Perhaps they’ll show up in there somewhere this weekend.

Busy, yes?

Alas, my little brother has taken my digital camera with him on a trip, so I can’t actually share pictures of any of these goodies with you as of yet. But I will take pictures just as soon as I can, provided anything is still left by the time the bro shows up. And I’ll post recipes too, in the coming days. I tweaked my creme brulee recipe (I feel like a proper chef!), and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the best chocolate chip cookies known to mankind.

But just so you don’t feel cheated, here’s a picture of the last creme brulee batch I made:

This was before I broiled it and it turned ugly; before I pulled it out of the oven and dropped it on the ground, spilling luscious almond scented custard all over the floor and breaking my heart; and before I ran out and bought my propane torch. This unsuspecting custard just doesn’t know the horrible future lurking around the corner…

I’m Back!

11 Mar

Hello to my two faithful readers! My blog stats show that at least two people have checked back everyday, even though I wasn’t posting anything. Thanks for sticking around! I want to reward you, and the best way I know how is:


Introducing the newest addition to the family of kitchen appliances:

It’s a propane torch! Technically, it’s for “small, soft soldering jobs.” But in my world, it’s for brulee-ing my creme. Maybe I’ll also use it to threaten my brothers and keep them in line; I’m not ruling out any possibilities.

I made creme brulee last week, and I broiled the tops. That used to work just fine, but they’ve been turning out funky lately. Hence the hand torch. This is going to totally make my life easier and more awesome! I’ll have to start inviting people over when I make creme brulee, so I can casually pull this baby out and fire it up. The fun I’ll have! If you get a dinner invitation out of the blue, you’ll know what it’s for. :)

Precise flame adjustment and brass construction and pinpoint torching, oh my! I’ll get some action shots in the days ahead. I have some friends coming over for spring break; that may be the perfect time to wield a fiery implement.

Did you notice that it’s pro-grade and overbuilt? We’re serious about our torches over here, folks!

On a completely different note – why is fire spelled f-i-r-e, but fiery is spelled f-i-e-r-y? Shouldn’t the letter order remain the same when you’re only adding a “y” to create the adjective? What is up with the English language? It’s completely ridiculous, when you think about it.

On another completely different note – I had a Spanish test today where we had to write a conversation using 10 words from a word bank containing about 25 words. One of my characters told the other she was doing really well because she was drinking a margarita. And the other goes, “Really? Isn’t it a little early to be drinking? It’s only 8 in the morning!” And I wrote all this in Spanish! I’m so proud of myself. Obviously, I have all the necessary words mastered.

I’m tired.

28 Feb

I switched rooms with my little brother today. Boy do I have a lot of junk! It was an all day affair, but I finally have everything put away. Just in time to go to sleep. Woo hoo!

I mixed up a batch of crepe batter today, and yesterday I made some amazing Lemon Ricotta Cookies. But instead of uploading my pictures, and preparing a post, you know what I did? I ate Mexican food. I had some delicious guacamole. I think it’s a crime to go to a Mexican restaurant and not get any guacamole. And I had mole enchiladas. Mole sauce takes a little getting used to, if you’ve not had it before. But like in the chocolate chipotle chili, that savory chocolate adds dimension to the dish. I highly recommend it.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there’s not going to be a post of my current culinary creations. I’m going to have some leftover Mexican food, and then I’m going to pass out in my new room. Until tomorrow!