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Fried avocados

1 Feb

I know I said I’d have Texas sugar cookies for you today, but I experimented with avocados instead of frosting cookies.

I was flipping through a food magazine about a week ago, and I came across fried avocado. I thought that sounded delicious, given the fact that I love avocado and fried foods. So I must love them when they’re combined, right? I didn’t buy the magazine, so I didn’t have the recipe. But there are really only so many ways you can fry food. You bread them, then stick them in hot oil. Doesn’t get much more complicated than that. I played around a little with how I breaded them and what I fried them in, though.

First, I did the traditional egg breading, where you dip the avocado in egg, then in the breading. This resulted in a slight egg-y taste that was unnecessary in my life. So I cut out the egg, instead rinsing the avocados before breading them, so the bread crumbs would stick. I fried them (and the egg ones) in canola oil, and it was pretty good. Then! I decided to fry them in butter, and that’s where it got good! The inside avocado was soft and warm, with a buttery crust on the outside. It was very tasty! And a very interesting combination. I enjoyed it, and it was fun to try, but I’ve got to be honest here. I think I like my avocado best when it’s in guacamole. Sometimes, you just can’t top perfection.

I did take pictures, but seeing as I was making fried food, they’re really just greasy. They were not pictures I was proud of at all, so I’ll save you the bother (and the inevitable queasiness that would result. They were greasy!) and not just post them. Instead, you’ll get this:

My cat is smarter than your cat.