Foods to Make

In no particular order, these are the foods I want to make:

The Sweet

1. Rice Crispies with homemade marshmallows
2. 1 tier buttercream cake
3. 2 tier buttercream cake
4. 3 tier buttercream cake
5. 1 tier fondant covered cake (specifically, this one, minus the cake topper)
6. 2 tier fondant covered cake
7. 3 tier fondant covered cake
8. The perfect bread pudding
9. Haroset
10. Tiramisu (without alcohol)
11. Homemade eggnog
12. Pumpkin pie pancakes
13. Pie crust from scratch
14. Mini pies
15. Crazy meringue frosted cake
16. Snickerdoodles Sept 4, 2010
17. Cream Puffs
18. Margarita Cupcakes
19. Kiwifruit sorbet
20. Creme Brulee with the perfect bruleed crust
21. Tie-dye cupcakes
22. Apple pie cupcakes
23. Eggnog ice cream
24. Apple pie ice cream
25. Key lime pie ice cream
26. Truffles
27. Panna Cotta
28. Pots de Creme

The Savory

29. Focaccia Bread
30. French Onion Soup
31. Homemade tortillas
32. Dr. Pepper ribs
33. Fried Chicken
34. Roast Turkey
35. Potstickers
36. Pierogies
37. Crab Rangoons
38. Greek Burger
39. Sweet Potato Fries
40. Fried Pickles
41. Garlic Knots
42. Salsa
43. Risotto
44. Mascarpone
45. Bagels
46. Homemade pasta
47. Homemade Ravioli

Now that I have them clearly written down, and easily accessible, I’ll get to work on knocking out these foods. I’m excited! Some of these (french onion soup, tiramisu, focaccia bread) I have always wanted to make. Others are more recent. And I’m sure as I start crossing off foods, I’ll be adding more!


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