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Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

24 Jul

If I were still in high school, being forced to write odes or sonnets or any of the million other forms of poetry, they would be dedicated to my bread machine. Words cannot express how much I love that appliance, and thus I would be writing poetry until the end of my days. So it’s a good thing I’m not still in school, as (A) I am not the biggest fan of poetry and (B) writing endless sonnets and free verse poetry in iambic pentameter (not possible, you say? The bread machine WOULD MAKE IT POSSIBLE) would leave me with little time to actually use the bread machine.

This marvelous, magical machine of mine doesn’t look like much. Actually, it looks rather scuzzy. And it is just a few-crumbs-in-the-heating-element away from catching on fire and turning into a raging inferno of gluten and death. Obviously, that needs to be remedied. Today. In fact, if we’re being honest here, that should have been done before I used it to make cinnamon rolls. Since it wasn’t, here is my to do list for the day:

1. Clean bread machine
2. Lavish bread machine with attention and kind words
3. Armor-All bread machine (can you do that?)
4. Find synonyms for “bread machine.” This post is already a bit repetitive, no?
5. Eat cinnamon rolls
6. Go back to bed. Obviously the day can’t get any more productive.

Finished product!

Aren’t those the most beautiful cinnamon rolls you’ve ever seen? It brings tears to my eyes. I doubled the filling from the recipe and didn’t use icing, because that would have made it entirely too sweet. So these are basically candied cinnamon rolls. Go back and read that again. CANDIED. CINNAMON. ROLLS. There are no other words in the English language you can combine that can beat that phrase, and there are no other breakfast ingredients you can combine to beat the taste of these babies.  I’ve basically reached the pinnacle of my culinary life right here. At least for breakfast foods. I made these for some of my mom’s friends, and I got orders for baked goods! Like, paying orders! Exciting, n’est-ce pas?!!

Since I’m the incredibly generous and giving (and lazy) person that I am, I’m going to copy and paste this recipe from the website I got it (with a few tweaks). Now you all can go forth and buy bread machines and become addicted to both this recipe and the bread machine. You’re welcome.

*Note: I am not including the recipe for the icing. I did not like it, and I really think it makes the cinnamon rolls too sweet. So if you want to include icing, you’ll have to find your own recipe. Those are the breaks, kid.

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

From Money Saving Mom

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons warm milk
3 tablespoons canola oil
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
4 cups flour (Add a bit more if dough seems too wet after first few minutes of kneading in the bread machine.)
3 teaspoons bread machine yeast

Filling (this is the doubled recipe. You can halve it. You know, if you’re crazy and anti-American.):
4 tablespoons butter
1 and 1/3 cups brown sugar mixed with 2 tablespoons cinnamon


1. Put the dough ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed and run on the dough cycle.

The absolutely no-effort dough

Sure beats the 58.6 steps you’d have to go through with cinnamon rolls not made in the bread machine, huh? I tell you, I work smart, not hard.

2. After the dough cycle is finished, roll the dough into a large rectangle.

Large rectangle

3. Spread the dough with the melted butter and then the cinnamon sugar filling. If you so desire, here is where you add raisins or pecans.

I'm also in love with brown sugar.

See those clumps of brown sugar? You can leave those, there’s no need to break them down completely. They result in crunchy little sugary nuggets throughout the rolls.

4. Roll up the dough and filling.

5. Cut into 10-15 rolls and place in two greased round cake pans. Make sure there’s some space around each one. The rolls puff up in the oven.

Raw rolls. This is where the drooling starts.

6. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes or until browned. Sniff the air frequently. Call up your friends and brag about your baking prowess.

Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name?

7. Put a plate over the top of the rolls. Flip the plate and the pan so the plate is on the bottom. Lift the pan.

Make sure you scrape up the bits of brown sugar that adhere to the bottom and spread them on the rolls. Step back and admire your artwork. Take a lot of pictures. We won’t judge you over here. Enjoy!

* You can also cover the unbaked rolls with plastic wrap, stick them in the refrigerator overnight, and then bake in the morning. Fancy!